Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Glimpse of Richmond Hill Township

Richmond Hill is a densely populated town in southern York region of Ontario. The town is known for its scenic beauty and socio-cultural landscape. Richmond Hill offers a luxurious life filled with fun and play. This town offers numerous job and business opportunities along with a very high standard of living. The town forms an important business part of the Greater Toronto Area with proximity to Toronto.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Canada’s Real Estate Shift towards Township of Observatory Hill

With an increasing population in the country, the Canadian people are hunting for suburbs where they can breathe fresh air in nature’s lap. Suburban townships are really trending at this moment, engaging the attention of home buyers. The Observatory Hill community is one such project situated in the kingdom of nature equipped with modern amenities and facilities. This area also calls for property buyers who are in quest of luxurious built homes. We help you see the perks of living in the lush suburb. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

David Dunlap Observatory’s Housing Development: Creating New Opportunities in Canada

“Canada is practically sitting on a Real Estate bubble that has only been expanding over the years and is now being predicted to burst shortly”, this is a statement made by every other industry analyst. Irrespective of the predictions, the marketplace has managed to upsurge rather beautifully. The reason is apparent – the Greater Toronto Area or more popularly called as GTA is one major hub for businesses, drawing fresh job hunters, from sophomores to seasoned professionals across Canada and the USA. As a result, the place has become densely populated. In such a scenario, suburbs in the vicinity of GTA are emerging as the canniest alternatives. This biased shift towards the outskirts of the city is thus attributed to two reasons – open green landscapes that attract people towards the picturesque beauty of suburbs and uprooting job opportunities in the downtown area. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

For Every GTA Home-hunter: Explore Richmond Hill and its Suburban Paradise

Flashback to mid-2015 and most people were preparing themselves for a landslide fall in real estate activity across the Greater Toronto Area. Now, fast forward to today’s GTA and you will find that the traction for business places and homes stands unchallenged. In fact, during the first half of 2016, the GTA real estate industry has been rather robust. As prices in premium locations like Toronto continue to climb, homebuyers are looking for better, more affordable options. As a result, places along the southern border of Richmond Hill, like the Observatory Hill area, are seeing serious building and buying activity. Why? This locale is strategically located, sharing its cultural and natural landscapes with Richmond Hill and southwards, the cosmopolitan advantages of Toronto. In this discussion, we are going to put the spotlight on Richmond Hill culture, helping you understand why the town of Richmond Hill is inducing home buying decisions in its suburban neighbours like the Observatory Hill region.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reality-check for GTA Homebuyers: David Dunlap Observatory Area Could be Your Dream Home!

This year, the Canadian real estate story has been fascinating. For starters, despite many pessimistic industry experts, the market continued its upswing, selling premium properties in densely populated locales like Toronto and Vancouver. With the weakening of the Canadian dollar, more foreign investments in the housing sector poured in. Among these unpredictable trends, something that few could have foreseen surfaced—the emergence of Suburban Homes. These properties, located along the outskirts of cities like Toronto, have caught the attention of investors and families. The reason lies in the incredible pricing advantage, new townships being developed with modern infrastructure and a vast, green expanse. One such landscape is that of Observatory Hill where migrating families look upon the popular David Dunlap Observatory as a landmark—an identity to the place they now call home!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Observatory Hill Park: The True Lifestyle Destination in Canada

Despite some volatility, there is irrefutable proof that the Canadian real estate market is showing upswing in certain sectors. One such destination is Richmond Hill – located in the southern borough of Canada’s banking capital, Toronto, the township has witnessed a surging demand from homebuyers. Southern part of Richmond Hill has been at the center of this trend with more and more families choosing the Observatory Hill area as their new address. As market research firms continue to collate data about what is fueling this preference for townships in and around David Dunlap Observatory area of Observatory Hill, there is clear indication that families are looking for greener, spacious and wellness-themed housing options.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

4 Unbeatable Privileges of Switching to Richmond Hill Township

A remarkable shift has been surfacing in the Canadian real estate market which is backed by increasing preference of home buyers to settle down in a suburb away from the city life. Inclination towards suburb living is a result of privileges and peace that it offers. The decision to choose between urban and suburban living has never been easier than it is in present scenario. Young and old all are attracted to the quiet and peaceful living that suburb offers, which is also a great escape zone from fast paced stressful city lives. Richmond Hill in Southern Ontario is one finest suburb living option that accommodates everything you require from best of schools, local markets, entertainment options, tourist spots, sports to great adventure options.