Friday, 29 April 2016

Why is Richmond Hill a Great Place to Set up Your Business? 

Businessman and young entrepreneurs from Canada and outside are eyeing Richmond Hill to make their investments as the community promises a talented crowd, good infrastructure and numerous opportunities to drive innovation. In this blog, we are going to tell you why it is a great idea to set up your business in Richmond Hill and how some amenities exclusively available in Richmond Hill can help in accelerating your business in a short period of time. 

Gives you ample innovation opportunities

Being a part of Canada’s largest technological cluster, Richmond Hill warrants access to top incubators and investors. If you are looking to invest in insurance, technical services, culture or information, you can easily find professionals and facilities that can help you set up your new venture. 

Looking for an adept workforce? Come to Richmond Hill 

Richmond Hill harbors the most educated workforce of Canada. Access to world class professional services and top notch colleges and universities is also available. RH has research experts and educationists from top notch universities like Ryerson University, George Brown College, Sheridan College, University of Toronto, York University and many more. 

An ideal location to start your business

Any business needs a well-connected transportation network that can help them to deliver their products to their business partners and customers easily. Due to its extensive public transit through York Region Transit and VIVA system, it’s very easy for residents to remain connected to the center of the city. Access to major highways and international airports makes it an ideal location for a start-up. 

Award winning businesses 

Richmond Hill has top technology companies that are fast growing (some of them are award winning). These businesses have gained national and international acclaim in their respective fields. There is no doubt that you can get ample businesses opportunities in Richmond Hill. As a starter, you can also collaborate with these top-notch businesses.

Competitive and fair cost for doing business 

If you are looking for reasonable start-up costs, fair rents and comparatively low business and residential taxes, we surely suggest considering Richmond Hill as an option. RH provides exceptional value of cost for doing business, which is why so many private and public businesses have thrived in this community. 

A robust economy 

Richmond Hill sports a resilient economy. Most entrepreneurs who started their business ventures in Richmond Hill have received a steady economic growth over years. Supportive business community and excellent facilities for driving innovations make Richmond Hill a good place to start your enterprise.

Besides being a perfect place to start your business, Richmond Hill is also an amazing place to settle down with a family. This suburb is close to Canada’s largest urban center, has high class lifestyle amenities and its multi-cultural community promises a global perspective.  However, we would recommend doing your homework before making an investment in any business venture in and around the area.

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