Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Community Life of Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is one of the most culturally diverse communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Recognized amongst the six best places to live in Canada, it is also one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area. The way residents identify with their neighborhoods makes Richmond Hill unique.

From food, movies, bakeries, and books, it offers a lot for you to discover and enjoy. For those who’re looking for an attractive place to live in, the town of Richmond Hill is perfect. In Richmond Hill ministry, Community Church is active in many ways from running weekly programs for all ages, to managing and supporting ministries in the vicinity and around the world to holding special events like magic shows, concerts, Family Fun Day, speaking engagements and workshops on current topics and issues.

Programs for Infants and Toddlers

Richmond Hill has Nursery Centers for toddlers that are safe, clean and nurturing environments where infants and toddlers from the age of 3 are cared for by volunteer staff while you’re busy with your work. The Swim Program is a part of community activities at Richmond Hill that helps children to pass a level and get badges while focusing on their skills without letting them feel pressurized.

Programs for Youth and Adults

Richmond Hill is committed to providing its youth with a variety of programs and activities to keep them active and entertained. Young students as well as adults can participate in leadership skill-building activities, sports, arts and social activities.

Missions around the World

The community church of Richmond Hill goes beyond its local community boundaries and works philanthropically. It believes that love can be shown in many practical ways by bringing optimism, healing and inspiration to the world. It also organizes “Days for Girls” during which the volunteers sew feminine hygiene kits.

Shopping Hallways in Richmond Hill

The main shopping corridor in Richmond Hill is the Yonge Street. Downtown Richmond Hill, situated on Yonge Street has the air and feel of an antediluvian main street. There are myriads of shops, restaurants and professional services on the street. Hillcrest Mall is a regional shopping center. Furthermore, there are over 130 shops inside this shopping mall. You may find a string of shopping arcades for everyday needs of local residents. Bayview Glen Power Centre located at Yonge Street is the newest shopping centre which features ‘big box’ retailers including Indigo Books, Home Depot, restaurants and movie theatres.

Discovering the rich heritage

You can also discover the rich heritage of Richmond Hill while you wander through the Museum of the Streets in the heart of the Richmond Hill’s historical area. As you walk in the tracks of past generations and explore the buildings used by residents of Richmond Hill long ago, you can also learn a variety of interesting historical facts.

Observatory Hill House Community homes are constructed in Richmond Hill area around the historic David Dunlap Observatory and provide you a chance to live surrounded by innovation, education, and higher learning.

The Richmond Hill community is rather proud of the DD observatory which has put this region on the world map. Housing a globally talked about telescope, the DD observatory engages thousands of visitors every year. This has created a lot of traction for the neighboring areas, now witnessing serious real estate development. The unique accommodation options of Observatory Hill are a landmark for the entire area of Richmond Hill, engaging families and adding to the cultural fabric. The local community has been rather welcoming to new homeowners, helping them get acquainted with their socio-cultural heritage.

You can anytime join conversations about what is new in Richmond Hill and how David Dunlap Observatory continues to inspire and connect people. Get yourself registered today!  

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