Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Some Crucial Things to Get Excited About Observatory Hill

Built around the popular and historic David Dunlap observatory, Observatory Hill allows you to see what an astronomer sees, all while living amidst splendid greenery surrounded by an endless list of amenities, restaurants, highly rated schools, transit, and much more. Observatory Hill is set to be a leading community in Canada with the inclusion of two unique spatial plans (A & B); where Plan A, called “Observatory Park,” would act as regional attraction highlighted by The David Dunlap Observatory and a planetarium, while plan B or “Discovery Park” would be a local attraction, and decorated with the area’s heritage features. Both plans are designed exquisitely, and make strong arguments for wanting to call Observatory Hill home.

Let’s underline some of the major highlights of the Observatory Hill:

  • Historic significance: South Richmond Hill’s last remaining piece of picturesque land is none other than Observatory Hill, and it is a place ripe with history. It’s to be built on the astronomical past of the renowned David Dunlap Observatory and the discoveries it’s been a part of. Now you can be a part of that history too.
  • Opportunities to learn about Astronomy: Everyone young and old aspires to live the best life they can; Observatory Hill can put you among st the stars. Public programs run regularly from May to October at The DDO, where you’ll discover the incredibly vast and beautiful visible universe. To learn more about the events, don’t forget to have a glance at The DDO Website.
  • Loads of amenities: Richmond Hill is among the fastest growing cities in Canada and you’ll find everything you require. From food and films, to bakeries and books, all will be minutes from your doorstep.
  • Education at its best: Richmond Hill is considered a hub of higher education and is only enriched by the contributions of The David Dunlap Observatory and its discoveries. Not only will you feel the essence of education in the observatory and Richmond Hill, you’ll also find some of Ontario’s best schools.
  • Never Miss A Thing: The area surrounding Observatory Hill offers some of the best entertainment options in York Region. You can take the kids out into nature, enjoy a multitude of sports, lush parks, restaurants, live theater, social clubs and activities, and much more; Observatory  Hill truly is the place to be.
  • Transportation is easy: Richmond Hill accommodates a large number of commuters with a sophisticated transport and highway system. In close vicinity to Observatory Hill there is a GO station, VIVA bus routes, and some of York Region’s most direct routes to both the 404, and 407. Whether you want to get to your workplace or you are on the way home, Richmond Hill has convenient modes of travel for everyone.

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