Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Here’s why Young Families will Want to Call Observatory Hill Home

One of the fastest growing townships in Canada is Richmond Hill. Within it, sits the David Dunlap Observatory, which can be found on one of South Richmond Hill’s last remaining pieces of lush, inspirational, and build-able land.

Echoing the astronomical past of the David Dunlap observatory and all of the fantastic research it fostered, this township represents a community where gaining knowledge is a norm.  From this educational environment you’ll get the motivation needed to explore & learn. You’ll also get the assurance of cultured living where learning is progressive, hands-on, and a catalyzing force in creating curiosity in people young and old. This is why we recommend Observatory Hill to young families, as it’s the perfect place for a child to learn and grow. 

Lots to explore - Observatory Programs

The David Dunlap Observatory allows you to see the universe from an astronomer’s point of view. Stargazing from Canada’s largest optical telescope is truly incredible. Living in Observatory Hill means easy access to meteor showers, public stargazing, special event nights, and more. Give your family the opportunity to attend a great selection of events and programs run by some of Canada’s most passionate astronomers and researchers. 

Luxurious Amenities Aplenty at Observatory Hill!

Apart from a vivid learning environment, Observatory Hill offers a grand selection of facilities ranging from well-organized shopping centers, restaurants and bars, theaters, comfortable public transit options, and world-class schools. Homes here are well designed, well built, and extremely cozy, offering perfect solutions for evenings in, fun at home, studying, cooking, and invigorating outdoor activities. 

Observatory Hill is among Canada’s foremost communities, and will be built by four of Ontario’s leading builders- Aspen Ridge Homes, Conservatory Group, Country Wide Homes and Regal Crest Homes, all have a reputation for creating beautiful, well constructed, and neighborly communities. 

Come Live at Observatory Hill 

This place has a lot to offer all types of people; from sports enthusiasts to those who enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll get the best infrastructure, and excellent services, along with other privileges that come along with owning a Observatory Hill Home. From May to October, a host of public programs are held at The DDO and you can keep a tab on them by checking out the DDO website. 

A culturally diverse, recreational, and favorable region awaits you at Observatory Hill. Being in South Richmond Hill’s last remaining piece of picturesque land, this township has the best of natural and modern amenities. You will also find Ontario’s best schools here. This is the opportunity to own your dream home in a dream location.

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