Thursday, 12 May 2016

How are Community Clubs and Groups in Richmond Hill Transforming Lives

Richmond Hill is a fast growing holistic community, gaining global recognition at a rapid pace owing to its excellent infrastructure, world class amenities and natural surroundings. Apart from the infrastructural facilities, it is the strong community ties that make Richmond Hill such a lucrative destination for families. In fact, Richmond Hill is now offering a haven to the homeless youth with its Home Base Drop in center.

It is amazing how these community clubs are transforming so many lives, especially of those who are going through major psychological and financial issues. We are going to mention two of the most prominent community hubs here that have showcased unique social endeavors. 

Home Base for Homeless Youth

Richmond Hill Housing and Community Hub aims to support youth who are facing major problems in their life due to some manmade or natural calamity that has put their life completely off-track. This multi-service complex, situated at Yonge and Crosby aims to support teenagers and youngsters, so that they can start an independent life. This community club receives a donation worth $1 million from the Town of Richmond Hill annually and works in partnership with the Regional municipality. This kind of community Hub is unique to Richmond Hill, helping youth from south of Sutton and northern Toronto to settle down and start a new life all over again.

According to social surveys, Home Base receives an average of 300 to 500 youth on an average, every given day. It’s amazing how this club has revived the hope for a better future in the life of so many youngsters who were disappointed with life. One more distinctive feature about this community hub is that, it is open seven days a week. Home Base for homeless youth is neat, organized and makes you feel at home instantly.

The Richmond Hill Public Library

If you live in Richmond Hill and do not own a Richmond Hill public library card, then you are definitely missing something worthwhile. The recently redesigned library cards have become more of a status symbol in Richmond Hill as everybody from celebrities, politicians, average citizens and community leaders have this card, tucked in their wallets.

RichmondHill Public Library is not about inculcating the habit of reading books, it is about creating a discipline, giving everybody an opportunity to explore certain things that they usually do not get to experience in their routine life. Reading is fast becoming a popular habit among the young school and college students owing to the amazing learning environment provided by The Richmond Hill Public Library.

Any community is not only known by its infrastructure and various facilities it provides to its people but it is also known by its social endeavors and what it actually offers to the residents. The community clubs in Richmond Hill are educative, engaging and recreational.

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