Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Observatory Hill - The Perfect Housing

If you look at Canada’s real estate ride over the past few years, you will notice that there has been a biased shift towards townships on the outskirts of the city. Housing Sectors are moving away from mainstreams as suburbs are catching the fancy of home buyers, including families, young professionals and retired people. Outlying areas are well known for highlighting farfetched, and culturally rich milieu. Historic suburbs of Richmond Hill community are a testament to that, particularly the southern part. Regarded as one of the most multicultural communities in the Greater Toronto area, Richmond Hill is a hearty mixture of commercial as well as residential properties. It is undoubtedly the fastest growing municipality considering its proximity to cosmopolitans Ontario and Toronto. The southern part of Richmond Hill accomodates lavishly built houses that are sustainable, stylish, welcoming, and compliments the natural charm of the region.

The Observatory Hill is in the heart of Richmond Hill’s southern Hill. Inspired by the rich canadian culture and beauty, this place is gaining rapid housing popularity. However, the entertainment factor in and around the Observatory Hill region is not the only engaging bit, but the bigger catch here is the presence of Canada's largest optical telescope observatory. Praising the astronomical past of David Dunlap Observatory (DDO), Observatory Hill holds a historical significance. DDO is like a world heritage site for astronomical enthusiasts. Education is the massive driving force in the hill featuring best schooling environment and psychological stimulus to explore, Observatory Hill is well designed and extremely cozy, offering a perfect site for romantic evenings, indoor amusement, study and outdoor activities. This is why we recommend ObservatoryHill as the ideal residential complex to young families with children and also the retired people to spend the rest of their lives in a relaxed way.

Why Observatory Hill should be your final destination for living?
  • Ontario’s best schools are located in the proximity
  • This town of Richmond Hill has the lowest crime rates in the nation
  • Abundance of outdoors and indoor relaxation, shopping and exploration activities
  • Reliable and well-structured transport system that offers good connectivity via buses and a well-managed highway.  

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